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Software Applications & Business Solutions

Empowering your resources, including people and information

The term software refers to such a broad spectrum of products that not only exist on enterprise computers but also in appliances, in cars, on all of our mobile devices, in media and entertainment, retail, government, financial institutions - it's pervasive. Wherever there is information there is software. It can be a few lines of code or an enterprise commerce system driving a million transactions an hour or anything in between. Basically, software provides the logic and organization to govern information that exists at all levels.

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Realistically, software is part of every solution Sirius offers: server and storage infrastructure, virtualization, unified communications and collaboration, enterprise mobility, cloud, security and business continuity. And there are many software products that can't be easily classified in one category because they overlap into several IT strategies.

Sirius Software Applications & Business Solutions

Sirius software developers, architects, project managers and business analysts align IT solutions with your business strategy by helping you evaluate, acquire and implement software solutions that take advantage of your specific business priorities. We use proven software products and adhere to best practices by following a unique solution methodology created within Sirius. Our software services are based on the IBM Software portfolio as well as Microsoft, HP, Oracle, VMware, Symantec, Citrix, and more. We have experience integrating and developing software solutions for clients in all industries and of all sizes. The practice supports all operating systems and all database technologies running in any environment of systems, storage, and ISV applications.

Information Management: Acquiring information, organizing it, managing it, backing it up, and protecting it - it is your most important asset

Web Services & Application Development: Modernizing the applications you have, integrating features of multiple products, creating new sources of "real" information, providing analytics to your business leaders

Commerce: It's not just retail - b to c and b to b commerce has permeated every industry and can literally make the difference between failure and success

Sirius Acquires Digital Software Solution Services Assets from Avnet, Inc.

Sirius recently acquired select assets from Avnet's services portfolio that support digital solutions for specific IBM Software services around commerce, mobility, digital experience, social and portal. Rick Bailer, Senior Vice President of Sales for Sirius, provides an overview of the new solution offerings and enhancements that will help drive the future success of Sirius' clients.

Why Sirius?

Every project is guided with a Sirius-developed methodology (called STRATUS) that will take you from discovery through delivery of your software solution. The Sirius team can design and integrate software applications that are comprised of multiple software layers from different vendors.

Thousands of clients are working with Sirius teams to develop new applications and/or integrate existing applications, databases, industry solutions, and operating systems. Certified development capabilities are central, but in an even broader spectrum, Sirius brings value in many different ways, including:

  • One point of contact for support
  • Software subscription management
  • Software licensing cost savings
  • Managed services for software environments

Most Sirius clients are running dozens, if not hundreds of software products to support their unique business. Sirius has certified and experienced technology teams to support:

  • HP, IBM, Dell, NetApp
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX, z/OS, VSE, z/VM
  • Systems management tools: For IBM, Cisco, HP, Dell, NetApp, Hitachi, VMware environments
  • Databases: Oracle, AIX, IBM i, SQL
  • Virtualization enablement software: IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Citrix, Red Hat
  • Enterprise security software
  • Enterprise mobility software: IBM, Cisco, more
  • Project management: For new software, software upgrades, application development and customization
  • Software Asset Management: Tracking and updating your software, hardware and education support and subscription-based assets from one place - saving money and drastically simplifying your management requirements.

Of course the list of available software will never be static or complete in today's market. Products are being announced by leading software developers every day, especially around the trends that are being used to transform the way we work, live and communicate. Business functions like mobility, cloud, voice/video, security, commerce are all driving more demand for IT resources both tangible and intangible.